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Online Rig Design Course

Oil rig is basically a man made platform that is used for off-shore or land drilling. As an oil rig worker, one can work on both platforms, and is responsible for several tasks that are related to safely oil drilling. Many people ask us about the definitions of the various generations of offshore drilling rigs. The details below consist of definition of offshore rig types and meaning of rig generations.

Offshore drilling rigs have all the functions of onshore rigs but also need to stay on station in a variety of sea state and allow for secure connections between the surface and the seafloor. To start an offshore well, a thick wall large diameter hollow tube called a conductor is embedded in the seafloor.

Offshore platforms have many uses including oil exploration and production, navigation, ship loading and unloading, and to support bridges and causeways. Offshore oil production is one of the most visible of these applications and represents a significant challenge to the design engineer. These offshore structures must function safely for design lifetimes of twenty-five years or more and are subject to very harsh marine environments. Some important design considerations are peak loads created by hurricane wind and waves, fatigue loads generated by waves over the platform lifetime and the motion of the platform. The platforms are sometimes subjected to strong currents which create loads on the mooring system and can induce vortex shedding.

Who Should Attend Oil & Gas Course

BE & Diploma Engineers, cad drafts man's, Mechanical engineering students, senior designers, maintenance, quality assurance, inspection and manufacturing personnel who work with oil & gas piping (e.g., in the chemical, petroleum, plastic processing, power, pulp and paper fields) will find it a time-saving means to broaden and update their knowledge of piping.

Oil and Gas Course Syllabus

  • Offshore oil rig and platform types

Oil and Gas Training Scope

  • Oil and &Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, EPC
  • Power Plant & Energy Sectors
  • Refineries, Petro-chemical,Process Plants (Pharmacy, Paper, Tyre, Sugar),Process and Plant Design
  • Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural
  • Chemical, Power,Offshore,Food, Beverage, Brewing,