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Online AUTO CADD Training

Online AutoCAD drafters use AutoCAD - Autodesk's industry-leading drafting and design software - to prepare 2D and 3D technical drawings. These drawings are used as blueprints to construct products and structures, such as buildings, machinery, toys, microchips, plumbing & electrical systems, vehicles and a host of other manufactured goods. AutoCAD drafting professionals hold a range of job titles, including engineer, drafter, estimator, designer, modeler, architect or illustrator.Online Auto Cad Training

Online Auto Cad Training is very usefull for AutoCAD drafters combine "right-brain" attributes, such as creativity & spatial relationships, with "left-brain" traits, like mathematics & analytical thinking, to produce captivating and innovative designs. Whether your Online Auto CADD (computer-aided drafting & design) career path lies in civil engineering, architecture or even entertainment (CADD software such as Autodesk's Maya can render stunning 3D animation and special effects), AutoCAD gives you the power to bring your ideas to life.

AutoCAD is the most popular CADD software with the highest overall job-market demand. There are also specialized versions of AutoCAD and other Autodesk products designed for drafters in specific job-roles and industries. Here are the most popular Autodesk products and the drafting specialists that use them:

Who Should Attend Online AutoCAD Training

BE & Diploma Engineers, cad drafts man's, Mechanical engineering students, senior designers, maintenance, quality assurance, inspection and manufacturing personnel who work with oil & gas piping (e.g., in the chemical, petroleum, plastic processing, power, pulp and paper fields) will find it a time-saving means to broaden and update their knowledge of piping.

Online AutoCAD Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to Pressure Equipments in Process Industries
  • Pressure Vessel, Column and Reactors Design
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design
  • Code Calc and Job Nature in EPC Companies
  • Component Design & Evaluation

Online Autocad Scope

  • Oil and &Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, EPC
  • Power Plant & Energy Sectors
  • Refineries, Petro-chemical,Process Plants (Pharmacy, Paper, Tyre, Sugar),Process and Plant Design
  • Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural
  • Chemical, Power,Offshore,Food, Beverage, Brewing,